my home is not worth it

Thats probably right. Let's create for your benefit. Not for your homes. 

Your home will soon be really worth it.

I dont have room for things

Nobody has. Thats why I suggest not to buy just things. Get what you could really need!

Every home has room for what we need!

i dont have ideas  

Thats where I can help best.
I always get Ideas ...

try me ... 

Michael Gröger


I got an Idea ...

Thoose words, paralysed the adults sorrounding me in my childhood. I tought them that humens are curious, and that playing is  a big adventure, an advanture that should never end. My ideas were all about creating things. Buuildings, machines, devices, stages, in the best case reinventing the whole world of material. Pits were dug, things got painted, disassembled and rebuilt. Fire, electricity, chemicals, power driven tools were the heroes of my adventures. My work and life is strongly inspired by the adventure of disassambling, destroying and rebuilding. And the adventure continues ... 

I want to play like a kid. 


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You have Questions. I'll be happy to answer them. 



Michael Gröger | +43 650 730 40 40 | Brunner Hauptstraße 3 | 2721 Bad Fischau-Brunn

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