leb top

Small table for soho use. Works as a dressing table.

60 x 80 x 70

Top: Palette wood
Drawers: upcycled wood
Base: uncoated steel

rE-fit a

Classic couch table for living room.

88 x 88 x 44

Top: upcycled wood
Base: uncoated steel

box hog

Classic Couch table for living room. 
Four boxes can hold whatever but pillows as well.

80 x 120 x 44

Top: Palletwood
Box: upcycled wood


rustic science fiction

A rustic setting always suggests fantasy.

In order to suggest science fiction you need metal and rivets. 

Re fit the image ... rE-fiT


(rE-fiT) N

44 x 44 x 66

Small sidetable 

(rE-fiT) A

88 x 88 x 44


(rE-fiT) H

44 x 88 x 66

Large Sidetable 


rE-fiT your home

Stand alone or in combination. 

  • Kitchen
  • Dining
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Library 

Wherever you can imagine that your home should meet the rustic science fiction. 


go cook something

Wherever you like. Whenever you like.